email: Jens AT jenskohler DOT com

Here’s a quick sketch.

I live in L.A., grew up in Toronto, and lived in NYC and Montreal. I am a dad to the most amazing, wonderful lads.

Currently, I am focused on running my business, Urgent Beauty Squad. Check it out! Buy something! Watch a video at Vimeo.

I have always been an ideas guy. I get excited about the act of creation and organizing people around interesting ideas. My professional background includes writing, nonprofit management, performing and producing. It all feels like the same thing to me. (Well, no. Staying up late to finish a grant proposal does not feel the same as making an audience laugh. But I am always aware of the connection between the grant that raised the money that helped get the butt in the seat so the performer could try to get that laugh.)

I have avatars/profiles floating around the internet like tiles in an unfinished mosaic:





And there are artifacts of past collaborations that you can check out:


Kohler Schwartz Productions

That’s a start. And you can ask my friends about me.

This site is about ideas and things I am working on. I hope you find some value in them.

Hello, by the way. Thank you for your interest.